Another Random Raving

Published October 6, 2012 by Healthy Living with nature


Who would think

 that so many things could be achieved

in such a short period of time

over so much distance.

Now, this is my second attempt to write this blog. The first one just disappeared off the planet. How I managed to do that I do not know. With much teeth gnashing I am writing AGAIN!

Yesterday, I woke up in Nanango.We got ourselves packed to make the journey to Mackay.

 But first we drove the 23km to Kingaroy, so that I could experience a relaxing massage by my favourite masseur, Simone. She is so gentle and kind. I feel like I am floating when I leave there.  I shared some of my passionfruit butter with Simone. I hope she likes it.

We ate our lunch in Memorial Park…. Subway club…. and water.

Then we were underway on our trek to Maryborough  -182km- where we were to catch The Tilt Train.

I Prepared dinner at my brother’s house, with the shepherd’s pie I cooked in Nanango the day before, and I added steamed vegetables. It did taste as good as it looked. At least my brother got to enjoy a home cooked meal for a change.

We off loaded our Jackeroo to have a holiday at my brother’s house, and we caught a taxi to the CBD, to catch a bus to the back blocks of Maryborough West to board our train. The train departed at 10.34pm. 

Next morning our son met us at Mackay almost 24hrs after I had woken at Nanango the previous day.

We slept most of our journey of 720km.

We had breakfast and then our son was called to work because someone failed to turn up for work. I don’t think that was part of the plan of things.

 One can never predict what is going to happen next.

Our DIL is away on a church retreat. So, we were left to our own devices. We went to the shops – the new Canelands Central. What a huge place. It leaves our little shopping centres of Nanango and Kingaroy looking sick. There was so  many shops to choose from.  I couldn’t make up my mind. So we bought some groceries and came home. We made chai latte to clwar our heads and got ready to prepare dinner. Dinner is going to be roast chicken and roast spud and pumpkin, and broccoli.

Last night we ate dinner in Maryborough that was cooked in Nanango and tonight we  cook and  eat dinner that was prepared in Mackay.

 I wonder what will be ahead of us for  tomorrow.  


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