Ambivalent Abundance

Published October 8, 2012 by Healthy Living with nature
Peaceful pondering              

Some Super Salvaging and Other Stuff

Today I watched a show on telly called “The American Pickers” I loved all the old things the picker was offered. I was particularly intrigued with the history of the objects, their age, and the monetary value they have on today’s market.

I also enjoy watching”The Antique Road Show” in the UK.I find the places they hold the shows as intriguing as some of the objects being valued. English history is so fascinating.

Here in Oz I keenly frequent op shops, garage sales and recycling dumps to find useful and fascinating things to decorate my garden,or to use as plant holders, though there isn’t the history to the stuff I buy here as there is in the USA and the UK.

 Today we went op shopping at a Salvos shop. We found a couple of interesting things for planters. But the best part of our excursion was the interchange of conversation with the shop volunteers. They were such a jolly lot, laughing and joking and making us feel really welcome. No wonder they do such a roaring trade with such friendliness and such cheap prices and good quality items.

Our next port of call was to a plant nursery. Part of the nursery was a coffee shop where we supped on carrot cake and coffee. The coffee shop was called “Double Portion”. The part that made it twice as nice to be there,apart from the welcome and the garden atmosphere, was that the whole complex was serviced by the Baptist Church. We also met the Salvo Pastor and his wife who are setting up an op shop in the same complex.The management has incorporated a community garden as part of the facility, and is looking at opening an after school service for children of working parents, and a youth centre  where young people can come to take part in activities on the weekend- a truly community project. Hope it is very successful.

What a truly rewarding and entertaining morning.

 We still have the afternoon to fill in yet.

 I’m wondering what that is going to bring forth.

 Hope that will be as exciting as this morning and I find some more stuff for my garden….. still have to get it back home on the train though


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