Journal Jottings 10/09/08

Published November 4, 2012 by Healthy Living with nature


I want to have more contact with my family. I want our family to realise they have parents. I want to see more of my family. We are in the downhill run of our life and I want to be remembered with love.

We will still live in Nanango The peace that is there makes life worth living- not rushing through life, through each day without remembering what happened. Live every moment- not just exist. Not sitting around , not being lazy, not vegging- getting lots done

 We already have pets- lots of work but good company, and give unconditional love It’s better when we go on holidays in the van and they can go with us.

 This time next year I will be close to retirement.
I will be seeing more of my family.

 I will do more travelling

 make things for my grandchildren

loving life in general

enjoying relaxation.

 I am going to phone my children once a week

 my goal is to gain courage to do it- put aside a time each night to ring one family. DO IT. (Thursday is out because I go to art class, which I enjoy)

At this present moment I am working towards retirement.

my goal is to be ready, not to suddenly get there and find I have nothing in place to fill the void where work used to be.

I will get courage to phone my family every week. COURAGE! COURAGE! COURAGE!

I will LIKE using the phone

 It can be user friendly COURAGE!COURAGE! COURAGE!

 I LOVE my Family.

 I am proud of their achievements

 I like who I am

I am proud of my Achievements!

Whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it.

Boldness has genius power and magic in it. Goethe


What’s happened since then

I have semi retired

 I have a part time job to be with children to ward off  loneliness

 I do get to travel

 I have been to see my children on a number of occasions.

 I still have not conquered my telephone phobia.

 I have gained a driving Phobia.

 I keep busy.

Most of the time I enjoy life. I don’t attend art classes any more. Have to find another art class.


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