Delightful Dalliances

Published November 8, 2012 by Healthy Living with nature


Pleasing to the eye.

I find it strange when a particular thing keeps popping up everywhere I go.

In recent times, especially when I have been on holidays, my eye was constantly drawn to objects that were predominately RED! I wanted to share these colourful times when all things that caught my eye were Red and were so pleasing to my inner self.

These are Kayden’s favourite toys

One day we went to Eimeo pub up on the cliffs looking out over the bay and treated ourselves to devonshire tea. Even the jam was red.


A light bulb on the ceiling of the dining area

The motif on Kayden’s shirt

A fancy hubcap on a parked car
The no smoking sign on the wall

Later we went down to the harbour to join the throng of people walking about there and ate icecream- as one does on a warm spring afternoon.

The tail light of a parked car
The red roof of a tiny lighthouse on the fore front
     A sexy car we spotted                 The ice cream fridge                                      

RED is my favourite colour. Maybe that is why I am so aware of it.

It is brilliant, vibrant, eye catching and soul uplifting.

It is the colour of my life’s blood,

 the colour depicting my heart where my love is based.


Cups and backing ties in my kitchen

   My favourite places to see the colour RED is in the colour of lipstick, sunsets, glowing coals in my winter fire, the backing tiles in my kitchen,that brighten up the decor of that pleasing and much used used area of my home.

  Even when were travelling overseas and mostly in London, I found many things that were RED and familiar to my eye (from pawing over travel brochures and watching travel videos ) I really loved London.


 London Phone box

Famous double decker bus

And so it could go on. But if I do I’ll be seeing a different kind of RED!

There are another 100 RED photos or more  that I could use.


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