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Fantastic Faith

Published August 11, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature


Treasures In The Garden


From our church news letter yesterday:

 Giving an insight into having Faith…….


Jesus walking on water and Peter having faith to follow:

 and then doubt set in……..


In the middle of a dark winter’s night in a small farming community,

 The 2- story home of a young family caught on fire.

Quickly , the family followed their well practiced emergency plan, and they made their way through the smoke- filled home to the front yard.

 There the father counted headsand realised that their 5 year old was missing.

Suddenly he heard a wail and looked to see the boy at his bedroom window, crying and rubbing his eyes. 

Knowing the danger of re-entering the burning building to rescue his son,

the father called” Jump, son! I’ll catch you!”

Between sobs, the boy responded to the familiar voice: “But i can’t see you Daddy!”

 The fathered answered with great assurance:”No, son! You can’t see me,but I can see you! JUMP!”

At that the boy jumped into the inky smoky darkness and found himself cradled in his father’s loving arms- safe!

 Keep Faith!

Have Faith. Be Trusting. Know that God is with us!

God’s presence is for his people. 

Our need is to trust HIM!