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Painful Perfection

Published September 13, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature

From my garden

How do I get free?

To escape being a slave to perfectionism

 you need to understand and challenge 

the underlying beliefs  that drive us 

to get “things right”.

Perfectionists think that their beliefs

are indeed,FACTS!

For an example:

“If I make a mistake

it will be catastrophic.”


Get into the habit of challenging 

these thoughts with a reality check.

Take note of when you make a mistake-

or something was not quite right…….

Did your feared outcome come to fruition? 

Replace this kind of thinking of being “perfect”

with the realistic thought “I will do my best”.

This can be frightening at first.

But make a start on setting realistic standards.

Remember: they are there to help you to do your best.

This way you won’t lose the things that mean the most to you-

relationships, leisure time, good health.

Good luck! It will take practice. Eventually things will improve.

Good Health Magazine ( Jennifer Garth)


A prayer for Father’s Day

Published September 8, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature

 Purposeful Prayer

Purposeful Prayer

We pray for all fathers,

that they may love and nurture their children.

 And by the example of their lives

foster unity , acceptance and harmony

amongst all family,friends and strangers.