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Prayer Power

Published December 18, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature

Undone, Unsaid

The prayer that’s left unsaid:


Like a letter that’s unwritten

Like a book that lies unread,

Like a field unploughed,untended

is a prayer that’s left unsaid.

Though God knows

The thoughts and wishes

That are secrets of the heart,

Yet the prayer must still be uttered,

For his healing power to start….

Though at times

We might neglect him

And refuse to hear his call….

When we think we don’t need Him

Then we need Him most of all….

There are lessons all around us

In the skies- the sea -the sun,

In the flight of every sparrow

“Let thy will be done.”

But we turn our hearts to pleasure

And the wealth we reap is care.

We forget the answers

Are the ones we find in prayer.

Let’s resolve to write that letter

Read the book we’ve laid aside,

Tend the field, and reap the harvest

Of humility and pride

And we’ll find 

our cares and worries

Will be be turned to joys instead,

For we’ll never

Close our hearts to Him

And leave our prayer unsaid. 



Perfect Presents

Published December 3, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature

 Peaceful Presence


The gifts I’d leave beneath your tree

Aren’t those that you could touch or see.

Not wrapped in Christmas paper gay

But…. gifts to bless you everyday.

The gift of friendship warm and true

Is one that I would leave for you.

Good health and happiness and cheer,

To keep you smiling all the year.

The gift of peace that comes from God,

 With prayers to guide each path you trod.

And when your heart has lost it’s song

 The gift of hope to cheer you on. 

Happy Christmas

 Happy 2015.


My family to Yours.