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Making Magical Memories

Published May 1, 2015 by Healthy Living with nature
                                    The “man” of the moment  and his proud Mum and Dad

Treasures In The Garden


Growing older can be a time of sadness as children grow up and 

move away, health begins to fail and we save for eventual funerals.

However it can be a time of excitement, happiness and Magic 

and positivity…….

 In the last week we have had some of all of that in our life
 and made us feel glad to be alive.
….it started with the visit of our kids from the UK here to catch up with family and friends.
….a visit to Toowoomba to be with Bek as she celebrated her birthday.
….which meant we could catch up with Chris “friend” and her gorgeous family
….a lovely BBQ with Christine and her caring family
….and then a trip to Roma to be with more family 
traveling through a glorious sunset 
to meet up with Wayne and Leanne who drove all the way from Mackay
A big THANK YOU to LEIGH who allowed us to invade his house and all be together for……..
 The Christening/ baptism of Axel Blake
….Baby Axel who brought magic to all of us with his sweetness and beautiful nature
And his Dad and Mum Shane and Jamie who are doing a great job atbeing parents of that darling boy
….And Leigh.. who is somebody very special indeed, being supportive to Jamie  and Shane as they battle their way through early parenthood.
 And the family BBQ on Saturday night where we were able to be together with Jamie and Shanes’ friends and very yummy food 
and a phone call from Tassie from Brady and Liane
 ….And the  lovely Christening/ Baptism  where Christian and Maree got be godparents of baby Axel
where Axel did an excellent job of being good
….And there’s more
….A picnic with Jamie’s family to celebrate the Christening/ Baptism.
Now … how wonderful was all of that!
And Last night being in Brisbane with Christian and Bek and Adam, eating at a yummy Chinese Restaurant, staying at a gorgeous BnB and the yummiest breakfast. Another big THANKS to Christian and Bek for making that happen for us. We hope you enjoy your quiet time in Malaysia for you deserve it. We love your kindness so much.
My word for today is “MAGIC!”

And we had a safe trip home today to lovely rain.