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Play on Words

Published March 26, 2017 by Healthy Living with nature

Wit or Wise

They found a computer

in the Garden of Eden.

It was an Apple.

But it was no good.

It only had one Byte.

I found this in our news letter and I thought it very humourous and a clever use of words.


Memories Remain

Published March 5, 2017 by Healthy Living with nature

Making Memories

Memories remain

Within my heart and mind

of things so long ago

of things I’ve left behind.

Of people I have loved

and lost along the way….

the spirit still lives on,

the love is here to stay.

It only takes a moment,


to restore what used to be,…

like footprints in the sand

they’ve left their mark on me.

Memories remain

forever they will be….

ingrained upon my heart,

where love resides in me.

I devote these words to special people who have touched my life and moved on,who have grown up and made a new life for themselves, who have died but still live in my memory.