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Revealing Revelation

Published March 6, 2016 by Healthy Living with nature


Reflective Revelation

What you are

is revealed by what you do…..

What you do

reveals what you truly believe.

If you cherish every moment

all the beauty of each day,

if you treasure simple pleasures

little joys life brings your way,

If you inspire love and friendship

because you’re warm and dear….

You’re a special kind of person

 who grows nicer with each year.

Take time to smell the roses. It’s well worth finding out what the things are we miss out on if we don’t take the time to look.

I WILL live with JOY in my heart.


Love and Nature

Published October 11, 2015 by Healthy Living with nature

Nurturing Nature

 My attempt at poetry…. if the words don’t rhyme it’s not poetry for me.

Nature Love

I love fluffy clouds

As they float on by.

 I love the azure blue

Of the day lit sky.

My love is for wildflowers,

Beauty of my dreams,

My love is for the musical babble

Of fast moving streams.

I so love the birdsong

In mornings so cool.

I so love the coldness

Of a deep mountain pool.

Scudding cloud beauty,

Wildflower spread,

Running water babble,

Brings peace to my head.

                   Carol Young 2015

Stopping to smell the flowers sometimes makes one focus on other beautiful things around and about.

Wistful Wishing

Published November 19, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature

   Wistful Wishing


A Grownup’s Christmas List…….


No more lives torn apart,

That wars would NEVER start,

And time would heal all hurts,

And everyone would have a friend,

And RIGHT would always win,

And LOVE would never end.

Shut up I’m still talking

via Phil Young

…… that I wish could be fulfilled!

Warmth for body, heart and soul

Published October 11, 2013 by Healthy Living with nature
  • the fire which burns all winter.




Winter Warmth


Why I love our open fire…….


When we decided to make a “tree change” and bought our home in the country, one of our main “wants” was to have a big open fire. The weather here lends itself to possessing and using a wood fire to burn to keep ourselves warm.



Wood burning warmth beats gas and electric hands down for warming up a chilled home. The heat emanating from the open fire exudes warmth for the skin, and deep into the soul and heart, like a bowl of hot oatmeal porridge on a cold morning or a mug of hot, homemade pumpkin soup  on a chilly winter’s evening.


There is a kind of ceremony and ritual to lighting a fire. It’s sort of honouring the gentle slow pace  of living in the beautiful, relaxing countryside.It takes time to light  You can’t just flick a switch and make it start burning. And the fire builder has to keep the comfort their own comfort  and that of house residents in mind when getting the fire underway.


 For the lucky owners of the open fire, there are a number of requirements that are necessary to keeping the home fires burning- a full wood box, a plentiful woodpile, lots of kindling, a reliable saw, a sharp axe, and lots of muscle, and the know-all to get the fire laid for maximum warmth,and to get it ignited “effortlessly” .


It takes time for the room to warm up, so having to wait, staying rugged up until that delicious warmth arrives also requires patience.

 It’s  quite a messy affair owning and using an open fire but it is a reminder that all good things come with a price and effort. 


The fire is a central place in our living area.

 In winter we spend a lot of down time curled up and warm round this delightful place,reading, writing, watching telly, talking, cuddling, listening to music.- and just watching the yellow and orange flames licking the wood hungrily and yet, lazily. And we just exult luxuriantly in the beautiful warmth.

It is surely the pivotal part of our home at winter time and one we wouldn’t like to be without. 


 Of course there is a downside to owning a fire as well, especially if a log has fallen to the front of the fire and the house fills with smoke instead of going up the chimney, and the fire alarm goes into screaming mode in protest.And, there is of course the yearly clean out of the chimney to prevent unwanted fires in the wrong place, and the removal of the ash build up from the burnt logs.

But…. this is one of my “wants” that has changed into a definite” need”-an absolute  necessity.


Delightful Dalliances

Published November 8, 2012 by Healthy Living with nature


Pleasing to the eye.

I find it strange when a particular thing keeps popping up everywhere I go.

In recent times, especially when I have been on holidays, my eye was constantly drawn to objects that were predominately RED! I wanted to share these colourful times when all things that caught my eye were Red and were so pleasing to my inner self.

These are Kayden’s favourite toys

One day we went to Eimeo pub up on the cliffs looking out over the bay and treated ourselves to devonshire tea. Even the jam was red.


A light bulb on the ceiling of the dining area

The motif on Kayden’s shirt

A fancy hubcap on a parked car
The no smoking sign on the wall

Later we went down to the harbour to join the throng of people walking about there and ate icecream- as one does on a warm spring afternoon.

The tail light of a parked car
The red roof of a tiny lighthouse on the fore front
     A sexy car we spotted                 The ice cream fridge                                      

RED is my favourite colour. Maybe that is why I am so aware of it.

It is brilliant, vibrant, eye catching and soul uplifting.

It is the colour of my life’s blood,

 the colour depicting my heart where my love is based.


Cups and backing ties in my kitchen

   My favourite places to see the colour RED is in the colour of lipstick, sunsets, glowing coals in my winter fire, the backing tiles in my kitchen,that brighten up the decor of that pleasing and much used used area of my home.

  Even when were travelling overseas and mostly in London, I found many things that were RED and familiar to my eye (from pawing over travel brochures and watching travel videos ) I really loved London.


 London Phone box

Famous double decker bus

And so it could go on. But if I do I’ll be seeing a different kind of RED!

There are another 100 RED photos or more  that I could use.

Today’s Ramblings

Published October 2, 2012 by Healthy Living with nature

Getting Lost in the Moment

I have just spent two lovely hours watering my big rambling garden.

At times I quite enjoy the solitude just pottering in amongst the plants

 and the trees and grasses. It’s such a lovely time of year when lots of plants

and trees are sprouting new leaves and  spring flowers are blooming.

 It was very quiet, different from when I spend time in the gardenwhen the birds

are making such a racket. In the morning the squabbling of the lorikeets is almost

unbearable. Everywhere around us gardens have native plants in bloom and the

 birds are attracted to the blossoms. The birds come in droves and the cacophony

of  bird noise is just deafening, and yet lovely at the same time.

This spring we have again been seeing bees. For a long time we have had no bees and have had

to pollinate our vegetables by hand. The gorgeous droning buzz in the citrus blossoms and in

native blooms have been music to our ears. Welcome back little bees. Nature is getting back to

normal in our neck of the woods.

I have just been reminded that we have a meeting to attend tonight in the next town, so I need to be off to cook dinner. Well, it’s really leftovers from another night – pork and ginger stirfry – whichI am going to add extra ingredients to, and cook up some rice. Dinner will be ready in a jiffy.

Tomorrow I will see what I can get into to make life just that little bit more interesting.