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Perfect Presents

Published December 3, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature

 Peaceful Presence


The gifts I’d leave beneath your tree

Aren’t those that you could touch or see.

Not wrapped in Christmas paper gay

But…. gifts to bless you everyday.

The gift of friendship warm and true

Is one that I would leave for you.

Good health and happiness and cheer,

To keep you smiling all the year.

The gift of peace that comes from God,

 With prayers to guide each path you trod.

And when your heart has lost it’s song

 The gift of hope to cheer you on. 

Happy Christmas

 Happy 2015.


My family to Yours.


Simple Smatterings

Published October 21, 2014 by Healthy Living with nature


Simple Smatterings

Today I was reading and picked up this gorgeous uplifting piece of prose and thought I would share it with my blogging friends.

Laughter is

the fireworks

of the soul.

If only I could always remember that, and incorporate it in all of my everyday living.